Friday, June 6, 2014

FAR is Run by You, and You, and You....

Since Friends Along the Road is a free open-source social movement, YOU make it work. If you agree in general terms to the FAR Values and Vision statement, you are free to start your own FAR Sanctuary for Those in Grief In your home, on your land, at your office, job, or church, in the coffee house, in your school, in your gang, in the park, in your car, in the line at the grocery - wherever you can make it safe for people to grieve on their own terms, without pushing your own agenda on them. Download and spread the FAR literature and logo if you'd like. Make decals. Give 'em to taxi drivers and truckers. Talk to people about it. Remember, there are no leaders for FAR, no control-centers, no bureaucracy, no profit-making...just you, and you, and you, being friends along the road of human, animal, and plant people wherever you may meet them. ~ David Pierce, CoFounder, FAR

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